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  • Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy is intended to notify you of our policies, practices and liabilities regarding collection of your personal and company information disclosed by you or any of your company representatives from time to time. We take it for granted that you have visited this page and gone through all the contents carefully, insound mental health and are agreeing of the privacy policy, before giving us the contract for work.

    When you visit our site, as a general rule we don’t collect personal information. Only when you choose to voluntarily contact us do we take your contact details like name, email id, phone #, skype id and reason for being interested.

    We may use financial institutions to process your payment to us and in the process divulge the necessary personal information, keeping in good faith that these institutions will not use your information other than to provide us the desired services. But we cannot take guarantee from their side.

    Refund Policy

    Refund Policy is valid till 10 days, if customer not satisfy with our services, so customer can take refund between 10 days. If customer is satisfy with our services till 10 days then customer can't take request for refund the payment.. and 100% payment will be refund between 10 days case.