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  • PPC Services

    NSW is a leading web service provider. Here, we bring top class advertising services like SEO and PPC. PPC is the most crucial way to promote your website simply. It gives you the opportunity to pay for higher positions on the search engines and appear on relevant competitive websites.

    Pay per Click Management

    In PPC Campaign, you are allowed to use various kinds of platforms to display your ads on computers, Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and other devices. You can also specify some settings with the PPC campaign, like particular time or day you like your ad shown, locations that you like to target and how much money you want to expend per day. With PPC campaigns, you can place your Ads directly in front of people who are looking queries on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any social media network such as Facebook, Twitter.

    Viral Marketing (VM)

    Viral marketing is a great blend of various marketing methods that helps to use pre-existing social networks to enhance brand awareness and to get other marketing goals of your business. With the help of viral marketing, you can increase product sales with the diverse processes and modules that resemble the viruses.


    Search Engine Marketing is a different way to promote your website on the web. At NSW, we give you appropriate SEM services. By using this service, we endeavor to increase the visibility of your website in the search engine result pages. We all know that internet is a highly crowded place; hence we use unique strategies to engage your visitors on the web.

    See below a glimpse of our working style and know how we put efforts to advertise your business:

    a) PPC Account Manager Dedicated to your Account
    b) Competitive, Industry, and Keyword Research
    c) Keyword Bid Management
    d) Negative Keyword Monitoring and Filtering
    e) Ad Extensions Optimization
    f) Dynamic Ad Creation to Target Customers
    g) Ad Extension Management
    h) Custom Targeting to Potential Customers
    i) Conversion Tracking and Ongoing Optimization
    j) Quality Score Improvement
    k) Landing Page Optimization

    Before going to start advertising, we first understand your business goals, study your business, get knowledge about your industry and then we prepare perfect new Yahoo Adwords (PPC), Bing Ads (PPC) and Google Ads (PPC) campaigns for your business or as we manage your current Google Adwords (PPC) combats.