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  • Lead Generation

    Just like a magnet attracts the pieces of nails, in a similar manner, lead generation is the process of attracting the potential customers to your business products or services. In online sales and marketing world, this term is very powerful because it stimulates and captures the interest of customers to develop the sales pipeline. It plays a significant role in both inbound as well as outbound marketing.

    How do you generate leads?

    Many successful or unsuccessful business owners are always looking to expand their customer base and grow their businesses. Here are the following ways explained by Next Smart Web through which lead can be generated:


    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically an online advertising technique where one can promote his businesses or services on the search engine naturally. It helps in driving the traffic to your website and then finally increases the inbound sales leads. Try to use long-tail keywords for your products or services.

    Social Media

    Yes, Social Media is the best way of generating the leads. Now, Almost 90 percent of the users are active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp etc. So, use these social networking sites for the promotion of your business or service.

    Google AdWord

    There are chances of conversion via this method by running different campaigns like text ad and display ad.

    Landing Page

    Landing page is basically the page inside the website where the visitors land there for the distinct purpose. It is made of different categories like forms, offers, trial etc. If the landing page is attracting and enticing then there are chances of lead generation.


    Blogging is also a good way of generating leads. You can post a blog on your website and on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your blog is of high quality then you can request to the other website owner to publish your blog.


    It is also a powerful tool to attract targeted group towards your products or services.

    Telephone calls

    If you are running a B2B company then it is mandatory to have the customer details. Obtain the customer information from the different portals and then initiate him towards your products via telephone calls.


    An event has the power of thousands of ideal customers on the same location. So there are more chances of generating leads by organizing an event. So organize a magical event to hypnotize the customers.


    An email is the most used channels for generating leads. About 90% of the companies are using email marketing technique.

    Why Lead Generation is important?

    One can think why lead generation is important and why we use all these techniques. It is mandatory because it enables a business to promote the particular product or service they wish to offer. It is totally based on customer interest, nature and behavior towards the product or service. One can also set a particular geographic location for their business or service. Today, almost all companies heavily depend on the lead generation because it drives the traffic to the website and then finally convert the lead into the conversion.